• Version: 6.4.2
  • Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Application / Platform: SAP
  • Prerequisites: Universal Controller 6.2.x
  • Product: Universal Controller
  • Support: Stonebranch
  • License: Perpetual / Subscription

Universal Connector for SAP

Universal Connector for SAP

Certified by SAP for the latest SAP HANA and SAP Net Weaver versions, the Universal Connector for SAP automates IT and business processes across your entire IT ecosystem. With this connector, you are able to enhance and extend the workload automation and job scheduling capabilities supporting SAP environments via a feature-rich direct integration between the Universal Automation Center and SAP.  

Key Features: 

  • Improve control and visibility of end-to-end SAP processes
  • Manage all SAP business processes, including ABAP, process chain, InfoPackage, mass activity, Batch Input Map (BIM), and more
  • Optimized error handling that includes "re-start" at any point in the workflow (example: re-start a multi-step job at ABAP step xy)
  • Orchestrate workflows from a web-based browser or use standard SAP interfaces, including XBP and Schedule Manager
  • Visualizally design and orchestrate workloads within a browser-based graphical drag-and-drop workflow designer
  • Workload lifecycle management for DevOps using jobs-as-code and/or bundle-and-promote features (DEV -> TEST -> PROD)
  • No software installation within your SAP instance is required - removing any version dependency
  • Full audit trails and reporting to maintain compliance

Additionally, the Universal Connector for SAP works directly within your Stonebranch Universal Controller. This option is for those who want more power and flexibility than standard SAP interfaces allow. With the Universal Controller, your team can centrally orchestrate complex workflows across any number of additional platforms and applications. Truly break down automation silos by creating workflows that span your entire ecosystem of applications and platforms. 

Increase the value of your SAP ecosystem and enter the world of automation today!


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