• Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Author: Nils Buer
  • Compatibility: UA 6.4.x, UC 5.2.x or higher
  • Application / Platform: Docker
  • OS: CentOS, Redhat
  • Product: Universal Agent, Universal Controller

Support for Scheduling Docker Container

Universal Automation Center Support for Scheduling Docker Container

Create a CentOS container with a fully configured Universal Agent inside. After performing all steps, you can schedule any application installed in your container using the Universal Controller Web-Client or REST API or any other Scheduler.

Docker Container is an effortless way to deploy applications because containers that contain all the necessary packages are easy to transport and install as files. Containers ensure the separation and management of resources used on a computer. This includes code, runtime module, system tools, system libraries - everything that can be installed on one computer.

Due to this concept container are used in many C:D DevOps processes.

From a Scheduling point of view, an application in a container needs to be scheduled like any other application. Universal Automation Center automates the entire lifecycle for scheduling an application in a container:

  • Providing a Dockerfile to build an OS image e.g. Centos, SUSEwith a Universal Agent
  • Downloading a container image from an image store like the open or private docker hub