• Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Author: Karthik Mohan, Nils Buer
  • Compatibility: Docker engine 17.09.1-c or higher, UA or higher, UC 6.4.5.x or higher
  • Application / Platform: Docker
  • OS: CentOS, Redhat
  • Product: Universal Agent, Universal Controller

Support to List All Images

Universal Automation Center support to list all images.

A universal task to implement the docker 'images' container CLI command to list all Images.

Universal Automation Center seamlessly integrates your legacy system into your container-based DevOps process without the need to redesign your business process logic, resulting in a shorter time-to-market, improved customer satisfaction, better product quality, more reliable releases, improved productivity and efficiency. As a result, you can make use of all the benefits provided by containers like portability from applications, simplified integration, optimized development, increased scalability, and performance, while at the same time minimizing the risk while introducing a new technology.