• Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Compatibility: UDM
  • Author: Christian Burns
  • OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, z/OS
  • Product: Universal Data Mover

UDM Script for Formatting and Creating a New Variable

Use this handy script to format and create a new variable or an existing variable.

Universal Data Mover is the ideal solution for managed file transfer and par of your Universal Automation Center suite.

With Universal Agent, Universal Data Mover forms a common Agent that handles both managed file transfers and your enterprise workload automation. This combination offers the best-in-class security, visibility, manageability, reliability, and compliance.

Universal Data Mover inter-operates with your current job scheduling and automation tools, providing complete visibility for all scheduled and automated event-driven file transfers; not only end-to-end from the file movement perspective, but also top-to-bottom integration with application processes.