• Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Author: Colin Cocksedge
  • Compatibility: UDM
  • OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, z/OS
  • Product: Universal Data Mover

UDM Gateway Script to Automate SFTP File Upload

UDM Gateway Script to Automate SFTP File Upload

For Universal Controller Customers who need to integrate with the UDM Gateway File Transfer solution, this task provides the ability to perform common automation tasks within their workflows and schedules.

•Uses the UDM Gateway Rest API (Requires UDM Gateway Version 11 or higher).

•Requires Python 3.6 or higher with the requests module installed. Tested with the Universal Agent bundled Python distribution.

•Stdout returns information from the UDM Gateway. Stderr is used for messages from the Universal Task itself.

•You can set different log-levels for the Universal task, providing you more or less information to suit your needs.