• Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • OS: ASW, Linux, Windows
  • Author: Abdullah Saglam, Nils Buer
  • Compatibility: UA 6.9 or higher, UC 6.9 or higher
  • Application / Platform: AWS
  • Prerequisites: AWS S3 SDK for python (boto3) V1.15.6
  • Product: Universal Automation Center, Universal Controller, Universal Data Mover

AWS S3 Cloud Storage Bucket Integration

AWS S3 Cloud Storage Bucket File Transfers

Storing data in the cloud becomes an integral part of most modern IT landscapes. With Universal Automation Center (UAC) you can securely automate your AWS tasks and integrate them into existing scheduling workflows.

The AWS S3 Cloud Storage Bucket File Transfer integration allows you to securely automate file transfers from, to, and between AWS S3 cloud storage buckets and third party application folders.

Key Features:

  • Automate file transfers in real-time 
  • Drag-and-drop as a task into any existing scheduling workflow within the UAC
  • File Transfers can be trigger by a 3rd  party application using the UAC RESTfull Webservice API: REST API

The following file transfer commands are supported:

  • Upload a file(s) to an S3 bucket
  • Download of file(s) from an S3 bucket
  • Transfer files between S3 buckets
  • List objects in an S3 bucket
  • Delete object(s) in an S3 bucket
  • List S3 bucket names
  • Create an S3 bucket

 Additional Information:

  • Security is ensured by using the HTTPS protocol with support for an optional Proxy Server
  • AWS IAM Role-Based Access ( RBCA ) is supported
  • No Universal Agent needs to be installed on the AWS Cloud – the communication goes via HTTPS