• Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • OS: Linux, Windows
  • Author: Ravi Kumar Murugesan
  • Application / Platform: Azure Virtual Machines
  • Compatibility: UA 6.7 or higher, UC 6.6 or higher
  • Prerequisites: Python 3.4 or higher
  • Product: Universal Agent, Universal Automation Center, Universal Controller

Azure Data Factory for UAC Integration

Azure Data Factory – UAC Integration 

This Universal Task allows Stonebranch users to schedule, trigger & monitor the Azure Data Factory pipeline process directly from the Universal Controller.  

Key Features: 

  • This task uses python modules azure-mgmt-resource & azure-mgmt-datafactory to make REST-API calls to Azure Data Factory
  • This task will use the Azure Tenant id, Subscription id, client id, client secret, Resource group & location for authenticating the REST-API calls to Azure Data Factory. 
  • Users can perform the below Azure Data Factory operations:
    • Run a Pipeline 
    • Get a Pipeline info
    • List all Pipelines
    • Cancel Pipeline run
    • List factory by resource group
  • Azure Data Factory triggers user can perform the below operations from UAC:
    • Start Trigger
    • Stop Trigger
    • List Trigger by Factory
  • UAC also can restart a failed pipeline either from the failed step or from any activity name in the failed pipeline