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  • Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Author: Nils Buer
  • Application / Platform: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Prerequisites: Microsoft ODBC driver, Microsoft SQL Server, Python 2.7.x for Windows
  • Compatibility: UA, UC 6.4.2.x
  • OS: Windows
  • Product: Universal Agent, Universal Controller

Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Database Task


The task works as expected

Tested and works like a charm!

Alina Gabaraeva - 2018-09-24 15:03:02

Monitor a SQL Server Database Column in Universal Automation Center

Microsoft SQL Server can store and retrieve data when requested by Stonebranch's Universal Automation Center. Microsoft SQL Server's database can help you optimize as well as maintain your server’s performance while ensuring its recoverability and availability.

Monitoring a SQL Server database column within Stonebranch's Universal Automation Center is easy with this Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Database Universal Task. Whether you're monitoring multiple values within a database table row or a single value, you can configure all connection parameters via the Universal Task in UAC.