• Version: 3
  • Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Application / Platform: SAP
  • Author: Jos Hooft, Nils Buer, Scott Sepe
  • Compatibility: UA 6.4.x, UC 6.4.x
  • Prerequisites: Python 2.7.12 for Linux
  • OS: Linux
  • Product: Universal Agent, Universal Controller
  • Support: Stonebranch

Import SAP Calendar (Linux)

Import SAP® Calendar (Linux)

The following Universal Task allows to mass import SAP calendar into Universal Automation Center:

  • This Universal Task will save the customer a lot of manual and error-prone Calendar configuration efforts.
  • It also allows the scheduling team to use SAP calendar in scheduling, without the need to contact SAP operations personnel.

It supports Windows and Linux Agents. It fully supports the Python language shipped along with our Universal Agent.

Note: The License key for the CTK tool is not included. This needs to be requested from Stonebranch.

This Universal Tasks allows to import the SAP Factory Calendar and the related Holiday Calendar into the Universal Controller. You can either import a user-defined list of SAP calendar using a CSV file or all valid SAP calendar.

Some details about the Universal Tasks for SAP Calendar Import:

  • The Universal Task imports either a user-defined CSV-list or all SAP Factory- and related Holiday Calendar into the Universal Controller.
  • The CSV list is saved incl. Versioning into the Universal Controller script library
  • The Universal task is based on python. It runs on Linux as well as Windows agents
  • The required Python language can be installed during the Universal Agent upgrade or new install
  • The calendar export is done using the SAP certified XBP-RFC interface
  • The calendar import to Universal Controller is using the Stonebranch Express Conversion Toolkit “XCT”.
  • The SAP is always considered as the Master, meaning Calendars are always export from SAP, never import to SAP.
  • All Calendar functionalities are supported incl. Factory, Holiday and “Special Rules”

You can set different log-levels for the Universal task, providing you with more information in case of issues