• Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Author: Nils Buer
  • Application / Platform: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Prerequisites: Microsoft ODBC driver, Microsoft SQL Server, Python 2.7.x for Windows
  • Compatibility: UA, UC 6.4.2.x
  • OS: Windows
  • Product: Universal Agent, Universal Controller

Run a DB Script for Oracle and SQLServer from Universal Agent (Windows)

Run a DB script for Oracle and SQLServer from Universal Agent (Windows)

Universal task that allows to run a database script for Oracle and SQLServer executed from a Universal Agent.

Currently we can only trigger a Database Task (SQL or Stored procedure) from the Controller. This task allows to run a database script from the agent. 

This is especially useful in an Architecture, where our Controller runs in the AWS Cloud. Because in that case many customer do not want to connect their internal database with our cloud controller via JDBC.

Also this Task solve the issue that an Oracle PLSQL Procedure does not return an output using our Stored Procedure Task. 

The Universal Task allows to execute an oracle PLSQL block or an SQLSERVER T-sql statement. It uses an agentless connection via ODBC towards SQLSERVER and the oracle basic instant client to connect to an Oracle database. The connection and execution of the sql statements is performed using the python cx_oracle and pyodbc modules. 

Some details about the universal task to monitor a value in a database column

• The Universal Task supports SQLSERVER & Oracle

• MySql and PostgreSQL can be added in the future

• The Universal Task supports both Universal Agent for Linux/Unix and Windows (Note: This Universal Task has been tested only on Windows Universal Agent)

• You can select different log-levels e.g. Info and debug

• You can execute oracle PLSQL blocks and SQLSERVER T-SQL statements

• You can decide if the sql-output is provided in the standard out or not

• All Passwords are encrypted using Controller Credentials