• Version: 1
  • Contributor: Stonebranch Stonebranch
  • Compatibility: UA 6.4.x, UC 6.4.x
  • Prerequisites: Python 2.7.12 for Linux
  • Author: Colin Cocksedge
  • OS: Linux, Windows
  • Product: Universal Agent, Universal Controller
  • Support: Stonebranch

Run a Command/Script on a Remote SSH Server (Linux/Windows)

Universal Task to run a command or Universal Controller "data" script on a remote ssh server. 

Enables the execution of commands and scripts from the Universal Controller script library on a remote Unix/Linux or Windows SSH server.


- The Universal Task will end with the exit code from the remote command/script.

- Both stdout and stderr from the remote task are returned to the Universal Task's stdout. Stderr is used for messages from the Universal Task itself.

- Requires Python 3.6 or higher with the ssh2-python module installed. 

- Tested with the Universal Agent bundled Python distribution.

- You can set different log-levels for the Universal task, providing you more or less information to suit your needs.

- The Universal Task supports both Linux/Unix and Windows.


Users should note that the SSH task is unable to provide the following functionality that is available for tasks that execute on a Universal Agent.

- No Agent visibility, status, or alerting is available.

- The remote command or script cannot be cancelled from the controller UI, cancelling the SSH task will only cancel the Universal Task Python script that is initiating the SSH session.

- No fault tolerant functionality.

- No clustering, load balancing, or broadcast functionality.